How To Make The Most of Your New England Vacation
New England is a beautiful area to travel in the spring, summer and fall. In fact, the foliage around New England in the fall is one of the most picturesque and beautiful sights you will ever see. Nevertheless, New England contains some of the most eclectic and diverse antique stores on the East Coast. This is one of the most enigmatic aspects of New England. In fact, people travel from all over the globe to experience the unique landscape of antique (read more)

New England’s largest cities are rich in culture that includes performing arts, theater and other entertainment. As the region’s largest city, Boston is home to Washington Street Theater District. This district includes the Boston Opera House, which was originally a movie palace when it opened in the late 1920′s. The Washington Street Theater District is also home to the Citi Performing Arts Center that consists of the Wang Theater and Shubert Theater. The Beaux arts style Cutler Majestic Theater is another major performing arts venue in Boston. Boston’s (read more)

New England has a lot of history and when you peel back the layers of superficial filth you start to realize that Rhode Island and many other parts of the region are famous for more than just giving us Seth MacFarlane. That’s why it’s a good idea to get out there and see some of these sites. Do whatever you need to do: bring the dog, board the dog, pack your things, look up whatever advice for securing your home – just get out there and see some of the sites.

Listed below are a few great places to visit in New England where you’ll be able to take in the sites and learn a little history along the way.

Newport, Rhode Island

Nowhere else in Rhode Island will you find the remnants of the disappearing aristocracy preserved to quite such an extent as the mansions of Newport. The historic campus of Salve Regina University is home to some of the most amazing mansions you’ll find in New England.

Boston, Massachusetts

A very modern city with a very rich history. Considered by many to be the cradle of the American nation, you’ll find many interesting landmarks as the Boston cityscape blends both the old and the new.

If you take your children or grandchildren with you on a trip to New England, you will have an opportunity to combine a wonderful vacation with an excellent educational opportunity. There is probably no other part of our country where so many historic places can be found in such close proximity to one another. Just a visit to the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery website will provide you with a number of exciting activities in the area, all centering on Washington (read more)

Of all the various regions of the United States, New England packs the most history, charm and culture into the smallest geographical area. Comprised of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Rhode Island, the region offers both a cosmopolitan atmosphere in cities like Boston and Providence as well as historical small-town charm in its myriad colonial villages, many of which are preserved remarkably well. Indeed, it is difficult to travel around New England without bumping into reminders of America’s past. From walking tours of Boston that trace (read more)

So you think you want to open an inn, huh? New England is a great place to open your first bed and breakfast but you may be surprised what hard work this type of life really is. Here are a few things you need to think about past pretty moldings and getting a Home Security System the life of an innkeeper isn’t one to take lightly.
What’s Your Backup – There will be days like with any job where you’re sick or can’t come in to work. But what if your guests are expecting a meal? You’ve got to have a back up plan (a friend, spouse, or chef) to call when this complication arises.
Calculate Costs – You should run the numbers to see how full your house has to be for you to meet your mortgage each month and remember, that’s just breaking even. Think about altering current rates or room structures to make more.
The Little Details – The best B&Bs pay attention to the small stuff – the mint on the pillow, the crisp white towels – but this takes work. Who’s going to be responsible for all the little things?

Fishing is one of the most loved sports in the world. Fishermen love to travel to new places in search of the “Big One” and what better place to extend your search than New England?

New England is one of the most beautiful areas for scenery and beauty. It holds some of the best lakes and rivers for fishing. Some of the cold weather fishing in the waterways of New England is some of the best fishing that you will ever do. No matter what type of fish you (read more)

Exploring New England is like opening a time capsule of the country. Every major city as well as the smallest towns and villages have homes, churches, or buildings dating back to the country’s founding.

What is so unique about these old homes, public buildings, and churches is that many of them are “living buildings”, not just museums focusing on a certain event or period in time. Many of the homes have been converted to inns or bed and breakfast places where a visitor can stay and be absorbed into the lifestyle of what it was like to live in the (read more)

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Storytelling is a respected art form in the New England area of the United States. With many storytellers for hire, and performing at events this art continues to be a grand New England tradition. The imaginative tales taking their inspiration from adventures at sea, and their charm from the coziness of a fireplace on a Northeastern night. New England style storytelling cover genres like scary stories, heroes tales, tall tales, adventure stories, personal stories and more.

With many regional organizations like LANES (League for the Advancement of (read more)